General Studies Philosophy

At Torah Academy, our goal is to fit the curriculum to the student. Every student is different and needs to connect with the material in his or her own way. We believe that when students are given a voice in driving their education they enjoy the ride far more than when they are told what to do.

Our faculty actively use technology to accomplish our goals of critical thinking and analysis. We invite you to see our students engaged in their studies and making discoveries within their learning. Whether it is in Social Studies, Math, Science, or Language Arts, our students are being trained to see these areas as complimentary to each other.

Our aim is the development of these skills, as well as the intellectual development of each student into one who can not only answer the questions being given, but into a student that can generate the next round of questions as well.

After graduating from Torah Academy, our students will decide from a variety of schools in order to find the one that fits them. Whether it is a virtual school, a local public school or a competitive yeshiva high school in Florida or elsewhere, or students will take with them the skills they need to take their studies to the next level.