Drop-off and Pick-up Policy

Mornings can get busy at home and sometimes families may be in a rush. At the end of a long day, families are anxious to get home. Safety, however, is our top priority.

Please familiarize yourself and your children will these Drop-Off Line and Pick-Up Line rules so that we can all arrive and leave school safely.

Parents are asked to enter the Torah Academy driveway carefully and slowly. Please keep in mind that there is a blind spot as you come around the curve.

Drop off:

  • Please pull up to the school entrance, coming around the circle to the right. Traffic in the circle is only one way.
  • Beginning at 8:15am and continuing until 8:30am, a staff member will be outside to greet your child. After 8:30am, please park in a designated parking spot and walk your child into school – they must be signed in.
  • It is important to park in a marked parking space. Never leave your car right in front of the school. For security reasons, the circle must be kept clear at all times.
  • Please DO NOT ever leave a baby or small child – sleeping or otherwise – in a car alone, whether the car is locked or unlocked.

Pick up:

  • Only two cars will be loaded at a time. Please pull up to the school entrance gate and the staff member on duty will call your children to the car. All children will be escorted to the car. Students who run ahead without an adult will be asked to return to the starting point and begin walking to the car again, properly.
  • As you leave the Torah Academy driveway, please come to a full stop as marked. There are often walkers and bikers on San Jose Blvd, as well as older students who walk or bike home by themselves.