Lunch in School

The Torah Academy of Jacksonville is an orthodox school and we are honored to cater to a diverse student body. Thank you for respecting our commitment to Kashrut.

A major part of orthodox Jewish life is keeping kosher and as such, all foods brought into the Torah Academy must be certified kosher. If you are unsure if a certain food is acceptable, please ask the Head of School – or any of our Judaic Studies faculty – and they will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have in a sensitive and caring manner.

School Lunch Policy:

The Torah Academy’s policy mandates that students bring lunch from home on a daily basis. All lunches must be dairy or pareve. No meat meals are allowed in school.

School Snacks/Shabbos Parties/Birthday Parties:

All snacks must have a proper kosher certification. Families may opt to purchase large bags of snacks and portion the snacks out into sandwich bags – please be sure that the original packaging bears an acceptable kosher symbol.

Home-baked goods may not be brought into the Torah Academy building at any time for public consumption – ie, a birthday party or Shabbos party. Sending home baked goods as part of your child’s snacks is perfectly fine.

Snacks for Shabbos parties and birthday parties must be store-purchased with an acceptable kosher certification. These snacks may be dairy or pareve.

For a list of acceptable kosher symbols, please see below or click here

Kosher Symbols